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URSA’s Factory in Desselgem (Belgium) Obtains ISO 14001 Certification

Desselgem, 7th March 2017

The URSA´s factory in Desselgem (Belgium) achieved ISO 14001 certification for the design, production and sales of its glass wool insulation.


This international standard specifies all the necessary requirements to establish an Environmental Management System, which will result in a better environmental performance of the company.


In addition, it also applies to its activities, manufactured products and services, so by obtaining this certification the Desselgem plant will be more efficient and sustainable. The glass wool insulation manufactured there will also be more environmentally friendly throughout its life cycle.


The certificate is renewed every two years, so it forces a process of continuous improvement.


Desselgem, Belgium


In addition to the ratification of the Company's environmental commitment, ISO 14001 removes a major hurdle to the UK business. It allows Desselgem products to be easily specified in buildings being assessed under BREEAM, the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.


This British certification tool evaluates and certifies the sustainability of any type of building. BREEAM has certified 541,000 buildings in 77 countries since its introduction in 1991.


The certificate weighs the sustainability levels of a building, both in the design phase and in the execution and maintenance phases, and grants each building a final score after evaluating impacts in 10 categories.


This tool takes into account the fact of having a standard like ISO 14001 that certifies that the practices used to manufacture a product are respectful with the environment.


But not only that, our materials also contribute to the sustainability certifications BREEAM, LEED, DGNG, VERDE, etc. And there are already many prestigious buildings insulated using URSA products.