Insulation for a better tomorrow

URSA has committed to a 2% reduction in energy consumption before the end of 2017 and zero work-related accidents by 2020

Madrid, 15th of February 2017


URSA has published its latest Sustainability Report. Under the title “Insulation is Energy”, the text recounts the company’s main milestones and activities over the past few years and its efforts to consolidate energy efficient renovation of homes and the construction of nearly zero energy buildings.


A letter by Pepyn Dinandt, Executive Chairman and CEO at URSA, opens the report. In his address, Dinandt stresses the need to act in such urgent matters as climate change or energy security, anticipating the uncertainties that the future may hold. He places special focus on the urgent need to act on the existing building stock, which will bring Europe many benefits.


“Insulation is Energy” also goes over recent events and analyses the main challenges that Europe will face in the next few years:


  • Europe must reduce its dependency on energy imports, in order to increase energy security.
  • Buildings are key contributors to CO2 emissions, as they consume a significant amount of energy (around 40% in the EU). However, they also have the biggest potential to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.
  • We need to act as soon as possible. URSA is proud to be in the Energy Efficient Building sector, as this is where action must be taken.
  • Technical solutions that enable constructing nearly zero energy buildings already exist. Insulation is one of them, which also makes it an energy source.
  • Europe needs an ambitious Deep Energy Renovation plan for its building stock. Public awareness and political leadership and ambition must drive change.


URSA’s Report also sums up the serious risks we face if we don’t act against climate change, and the sectors and countries which will be most affected.


But the Sustainability Report goes beyond an analysis of the current global situation, going more deeply into URSA’s work and commitment to stop this tendency. The reopening of its Bondeno plan, after an earthquake shook this Italian town, its more than 20 years of experience manufacturing mineral wool in the Delitzsch (Germany) factory or its presence at some of the most important trade fairs in the building sector (BAU, BATIMAT, World Sustainable Building, etc.) or its multiple awards (Trophée de la Maison, the Innovation ISO Award, Supplier of the year by EURO-MAT, etc.), all endorse this commitment.


The publication also includes some of our most emblematic works; the Bolshoi Theatre, Warsaw’s National Stadium, LyfeCycle Tower One in Dornbin and Leipzig Airport, all of which were built using URSA insulating materials.


All these business lines are embodied in a specific and direct commitment which involves the company directly. URSA has committed to reducing the number of work-related accidents to zero by 2020 and lowering its energy consumption by 2% by the end of 2017.


The “Insulation is Energy” report is available on our website and can be downloaded here.