01. Insulation is energy

Pepyn Dinandt CEO URSA Insulation

We need to act on climate change and energy security

Europe is exposed to external risks. We can and must reduce this exposure, and one of the best opinions is not yet obvious to all.

Political events and the instability of the past couple of years have shown just what an unstable place Europe actually can be. It also gives us a pretty good idea of what the future brings: more uncertainty. There is only one possible strategy in such conditions - do the right things, and do them fast. Energy efficient renovation of building stock is the right thing to do, under any circumstances. It brings an immense set of benefits.

Europe is completely exposed to external political crises outside its boundaries, since, among other things, we are fully dependent on energy imports. To some extent, Europe is acting on the key initiatives of the Energy Union initiative, its 2020 and 2030 objectives, but more vigorous action is desperately needed.

Buildings are key. Ambitious renovation of European building stock provides much needed energy savings, generates jobs, reduces CO2emissions and offers more security for the whole continent. Europe needs a “Buildings Marshal plan” for decades to come, to bring building stock to a nearly zero energy level.URSA is confident we’re on the right path, no matter what challenges we may face on our way. Though the economic situation of today is not stable in Europe, the underlying basis of our activity is sound for decades to come.

Together with our partners, we will continue making an effort to spread understanding of the true benefits of Energy Efficiency, and keep it at the top of the political agenda in Europe, where it deserves to be.

Preparing the ground for growth.

Two years ago, a deadly earthquake struck the Emilia Romagna region in Italy. This was a dramatic situation in which URSA lost a colleague and had a factory fully destroyed. It was a critical moment but we knew that extraordinary situations require extraordinary effort. We believe that since then, as a team, we have become stronger. Thanks to our full engagement with the local community and authorities URSA managed to rebuild the factory and restart production at the beginning of 2015. We installed state of the art technology to be able to serve our customers even better.

We walk the talk. The factory is there, operating again. Importantly, it also is saving energy every day, as we have insulated the plant to the highest energy efficiency standards. Our actions send the best message to our partners.

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The problem

Climate change is undeniable. We are only increasing the cost of mitigation.

The solution

Solutions to stop climate change exist.

Deep energy renovation of building stock is one.

  • Europe must reduce its dependency on energy imports, in order to increase energy security.
  • Building are key contributors to CO2 emissions, as they consume a significant amount of energy (around 40% in EU).
  • Buildings also have the biggest potential to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • We need to act as soon as possible. URSA is proud to be in the Energy Efficiency in Buildings sector, as this is where action needs to take place.
  • Technical solutions that would enable nearly zero energy building construction exist today. Insulation is one of them and it is also an energy source.
  • Europe needs an ambitious Deep Energy Renovation plan for its building stock. We believe that awareness and consciousness on the part of the general public and political leadership and ambition to drive the desperately needed change are vital.

URSA: a leading insulation provider

URSA is a leading European building insulation provider with headquarters in Madrid and turnover of around 500 Million Euros. We focus on glass mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS) to insulate residential and non-residential buildings, both new and being renovated.

13 production sites in 9 countries

40 markets with commercial presence in Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa

60 years of insulation expertise

1800 employees (approx.) in countries including Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain and the UK

02. Climate change

Reasons why
you should
take it seriously

The number of extreme weather -and climate- related events has multiplied in frequency since the early 1980s.

It's all about how we adapt to climate change, not whether it's taking place - IPCC.

Disasters caused by weather and climate.

  • Meteorological events (stroms)
  • Hydrological events (floods, landslides and avalanches)
  • Climatological events (extreme temperatures, droughts, forest fires) Source Munich Re

Key risks across sectors and regions

  • Rural areas
  • Marine systems
  • Urban areas
  • Human health
  • Terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems
  • Food security and food production systems
  • Coastal systems and low-lying areas
  • Key economic sectors and services
  • Human security
  • Freshwater resources
  • Livelihoods and poverty

03. Our operational environment

Climate change, energy security, economic growth

Much more
needs to be
done by the EU,
starting now.

URSA's products save energy and provide comfort in all building applications.

Acting on climate change

Europe should review its position and aim for an ambitious energy efficiency targets by 2030.

The best way of securing our energy future is to reduce energy demand:

  • At present, the EU's demand for natural gas is the largest in the world.
  • In 2011, 76% of all gas and oil (65% of gas, 85% of oil) was imported from outside of the EU.
  • 61% of the imported gas is being used in buildings.

Ambitious, deep
renovation of the building
stock would enable the
sector to reduce its own
imports by 60% by 2030
and 100% by 2050.

An amount of less than a
quarter of what EU
Member States currently
spend on energy imports
would be sufficient to
roll-out a deep renovation
program in the EU.

URSA offers a solution to
fuel poverty, a problem
that affects between 50
and 125 million people
in Europe*.

Source: BPIE study - "Alleviating fuel poverty in the EU".

Our products save energy and provide comfort in all building applications


    This high-quality and cost-effective mineral wool has outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Fire resistant, it's ideal for safe thermal and sound insulation of pitch roofs, partitions, external walls and ceiling.


    This product is ideal for technically demanding applications such as flat roofs or cellars, being able to resist high pressure loads and where resistance to moisture, water and salty or acidic solid is required.


    Soft, formaldehyde free and durable URSA PUREONE is our premium brand and probably the best product on the market. Due to its acryl based technology, it is a durable solution that helps to greatly increase Indoor Air Quality.


    When it comes to energy efficient air conditioning, URSA AIR is the most effective solution. The rigid and high-density panels of URSA AIR are specially designed for self-mounting insulation of air-conditioning shafts and ducts. URSA AIR is quick and easy to install and more flexible than traditional metal ducts.

Our key applications

The three pillars of sustainability are addressed at product level

Our insulation materials contribute to sustainable development on three levels and most importantly help tackle climate change.

Social benefits.
and security.



Avoiding CO2 emissions.

Saving energy through thermal insulation.

High compressibility.

Efficient use of raw materials and high recycled content use.

From production to use phase, our products are energy efficient

URSA products are leading in sustainability assessment

The Ecomaterial Absolute award (Russia)

European Environmental Product Declaration (norm 15804)

Environmental Product Declarations (France)

IBU and DAPc (Germany and Spain)

04. URSA's evolution

What we have been doing and plan to do

News on URSA's
production lines

  • URSA's production line in Bondeno is reopened after the earthquake

    URSA is here to stay. We have rebuilt our factory and now supply our partners with high quality XPS products, while offering green employment once more.

  • Celebrating 20 years of mineral wool production by URSA in Germany

    URSA’s mineral wool factory in Delitzsch (Germany) celebrated its 20th anniversary together with many guests, including personalities from politics and business as well as employees who have shown their loyalty and commitment to the company for the last 20 years.

URSA is present at fairs
around the world

  • Germany's
    BAU Fair

    URSA actively participated at BAU 2015, the Architecture, Materials and Systems Fair which was held in Munich (Germany), between the 19th and 24th of January.

    Trade Fair

    URSA engages with partners to develop insulation solutions that can be applied to create more energy-efficient buildings.

    BATIMAT was a great success for us, with more than 1900 visitors and over 1800 URSA Guides distributed in five days.

  • World Sustainable Building Conference 2014 in Barcelona

    URSA’s profile at the World Sustainable Building Conference, World SB14 in Barcelona, which took place from the 28th to the 30th October was high. As a Platinum Sponsor, the company was fully involved in preparations for this important global gathering which united the leading stakeholders in sustainable building.

URSA receives several awards

    has achieved the
    "Trophée de la
    Maison" 2014-2015
    owing to its excellent
    insulating properties

    wins the innovation
    ISO award 2014

  • URSA is awarded
    as the “Supplier of
    the year 2013” by
    EURO-MAT Group

URSA's products in action

  • Bolshoi Theatre - Moscow -

    One of the main goals of the repairs was to improve the Theatre's acoustics, attempting to bring the sound quality back to the standards that made it the best in the world.

  • National Stadium - Warsaw -

    The construction multinational and the team of architects trusted URSA for the insulation of this great complex.

  • LyfeCycle Tower One - Dornbin -

    The tallest wooden building in the world is an office tower designed by CREE (Creative Renewable Energy and Efficiency) that incorporates the latest solutions in energy efficiency and sustainability.
    authors of this project have achieved a outstandingly efficient building with a very satisfactory emissions balance regarding the materials used.

  • Family House by Joaquín Torres Barcelona

    To achieve the best insulation for the ventilated façade and interior living spaces, the architect prescribed the use of URSA’s TERRA range of materials.

  • Airport - Leipzig/Halle -

    The ground of the buildings built to accommodate the new snow ploughs that keep the Leipzig’s airport free of snow and ice in winter, were reinforced with URSA XPS D N-III-L.

Positive outlook as URSA joins the KKR's Green Solutions Platform after acquisition

Uralita Group, URSA's parent company until June 2015, has restructured its debt, handing over its 90% stake in URSA to a New York based investment fund - KKR

URSA is now a part of Green Solutions Porfolio (GSP), which is KKR's pioneering enviromental initiative.

The new investment plan means modernisation of existing manufacturing lines and active search for new growth platforms, including new production lines, entry into exciting and growing markets and promising applications.

Debt relief, financial costs reduction and a new, more ambitius Investment Plan all look very promising for URSA.

URSA's strategy

Three pillars underpin
URSA's vision for the future.

1. Strong focus on innovative product development.

2. Continuous effort to achieve stricter energy efficiency legislation at the EU level.

3. Our team.

Environmental indicators

We do our best to make products as sustainably as possible
and operate as an environmentally responsible company.

  • Increasing recycled content.
  • Efficient use of natural resources.
  • Efficient use of water.
  • Better compression and more efficient use of packaging.

URSA's team: the basis of our activity

URSA's team is spread over Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa. Together, URSA's people make up a mosaic of the modern world.

URSA offers development opportunities and internal promotions to their employees.

  • In 2014 more than 95% of our employees were assessed and advised according to their personal development plans.
  • In 2012, around 3% of URSA staff were promoted internally.

URSA’s workforce split by nationality

URSA's toal workforce
split by region

  • 4% HQ
  • 31% WEST
  • 26% CENTRAL
  • 12% MED
  • 26% EURASIA

URSA's toal workforce
split by gender

  • 80% MEN
  • 20% WOMEN

URSA's toal workforce
split by ages

  • 12% < 30
  • 67% 30 - 50
  • 22% >50

Health and Safety programme yield results

Every year we implement a new Health and Safety programme.

We have managed to bring down the number of accidents by 80%, as compared to 2005 levels.

URSA future plans and sustainability commitments

Our view of the future hasn’t changed. Europe wastes more energy on buildings than anything else and this needs to stop.

Deep energy renovation of European building stock is a must. We need more ambitious and binding targets on energy efficiency till 2030. Our overarching objective must be a Nearly Zero Energy Building stock by 2050. That would mean much more deep energy renovation.

  • Health and safety - we aim to reduce the number of accidents to zero b 2020.
  • Energy efficiency - over the next years (2016 - 2017), we plan to reduce the energy intensity of our production by a further 2%, as compared to 2010.