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What is Life Cycle Assessment?

Many companies claim their products are green but this is often only because they meet a single presumably green criterion. But  it’s essential to see the big picture.


To assess how environmentally sustainable a given product is we need to quantity all of its potential positive and negative impacts on the environment carefully.


This needs to be done from an objective, science-based point of view, following European standards and  evaluation mechanisms that reflect that product’s influence throughout its lifetime: from the extraction of raw materials through the manufacturing process, use of the product  to the end of its life. All of What is Life Cycle Assessment?these stages are together commonly a life cycle.

So, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a way of evaluating the effects that a product has on the environment over the entire period of its life. LCAs can be used to study the environmental impact of either a product or what it is designed  to do product is designed to perform. Naturally, it also means products and processes can be improved.URSA   fully supports Life Cycle Assessment as the best way to assess the environmental impact of products and processes scientifically.