Insulation for a better tomorrow

LCA Phases

When we talk about the life cycle of a product or building , everything flowing from and back to nature shall be taken into account. This approach   is commonly   known   as cradle to grave.


When assessment is limited to production phases only, it’s called cradle to gate.


Look, for example, at the typical URSA glass mineral wool life cycle:


  1. Glass mineral wool’s raw materials are sand, a natural and abundant resource, and there’s a high content of recycled glass.
  2. During production, waste is minimized and what is left is reused into new insulation materials.
  3. The compressibility of URSA glass mineral wool allows for substantial energy  savings along the logistic chain.
  4. During installation, product waste and costs will be reduced and time shortened due to  the flexibility and easy handling of URSA glass mineral wool.
  5. The energy savings in the use phase outweigh the energy required to produce the insulation by between 200 and 600 times, which is impressive. 
  6. End of life considers whether the final product is disposed, reused or recycled.