Insulation for a better tomorrow

Choose the right insulation material

URSA is your single source for building applications that improve thermal and, increasingly, acoustic performance while assuring fire safety.


For roof, ceiling, wall or floor, our glass mineral wool or extruded polystyrene products have the technical and performance superiority to meet all your needs.



URSA glass mineral wool


URSA glass mineral wool


1- Common rafter insulation

2- Sarking insulation

3- Ceilings

4- Interior insulation for exterior walls

5- Floors

6- Inverted roof, graveiled

7- Terrace roofing

8- Thermal bridge insulation

9- Plinth insulation

10- Exterior walls in ground contact

11- Floors

12- Cellar flooring in ground contact

13- Foundations boards

1- Ventilated facades

2- Interior partitions / dry walls

3- Acoustic ceilings

4- Floors

5- A / C systems

6- Car parking roofs

7- Outer walls in ground contact

8- Industrial flooring

9- Cellar flooring in ground contact

10- Foundation boards

11- Green roof