Insulation for a better tomorrow

Environmental impacts


Like every other manufactured product, construction materials have an environmental impact at all stages of the life cycle from extraction to eventual disposal and end of life which will be taken account in the total impact of the building.


For this reason, URSA fully supports having comprehensive, quantified and complete environmental impact data on products over the whole life cycle according to standardized indicators, not just those which are individually selected. This measurement of the environmental impact of a product already exists and is called Life Cycle Assessment ( LCA) and it is expressed through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).


The most effective way to correlate environmental impacts between products and buildings is through LCA-based indicators, where EPDs provide the input required to assess the environmental performance of buildings.


URSA insulation products have a net positive impact on building sustainability through the life cycle because energy savings made by insulating with our products far outweigh that used in their production.



URSA enviromental balance from LCA perspective                                                              

Green columns show savings compared to  what was used for production, transportation and disposal                                

                                                            Enviromental impacts


Energy: Total primary energy      

ADP: Abiotic Depletion Potential

GWP: Global warming potential 

AP: Acidification potential