Insulation for a better tomorrow

Resource use: energy


Across the entire life of a building approximately 80%* of the total energy is consumed in the use phase (heating, cooling and hot water), while the remaining 20% is distributed between energy used in construction and demolition.


For this reason, it’s essential to reduce energy consumption during the use phase of the building because this is how environmental impact can be dramatically reduced.

Resource use energy
  • Trias Energetica is a way to save energy, reduce energy dependence and increase environmental benefits while maintaining comfort and progress.


  • Reduce the demand for energy by avoiding energy waste and implementing energy-saving measures.


  • Use sustainable sources of energy instead of non renewable fossil fuels.


  • Produce and use fossil energy as efficiently as possible.

Applying this principle to building stock means that a good insulation level  is a prerequisite for sustainable buildings.  Adding more insulation than required in the building codes is recommendable from the life cycle point of view because it is an energy investment, increasing energy and money savings dramatically.



*Source: FILMM, Qualité Environnementale des Bâtiments en route vers des indicateurs de per formance