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Resource, waste and outputs

Resource, waste and outputs



Resource waste and outputs
When it comes to manufacturing our products, URSA is committed to responsible and efficient sourcing and we take great steps to reduce the need for natural resources: 
  • URSAglass mineral wool products are manufactured using silica sand, a natural and non scarce raw material, coming from the most abundant material on Earth, and classified as rapidly renewable.


  • An increasingly large percentage of post-consumer recycled glass (around 50%) is used in manufacturing.


We are also focusing on preventing  and reducing waste to make our contribution to sustainability even greater:


  • The inherent characteristics of URSA glass mineral wool products minimize the quantity of waste during installation due to its perfect fitting and flexibility.


  • In all our manufacturing plants, we make huge efforts to minimize production waste by increasing the rate of recycling year by year.  Production waste from extruded polystyrene is, for instance, almost entirely recycled.
Finally, URSA insulation materials are considered non hazardous waste*,reducing the cost and complexity of disposal at the end of their life.
*European List of Waste (Commission Decision 2000/532/EC) and Annex III to Directive 2008/98/EC