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Enviromental product declarations (EPD)

Life cycle assessments include plenty of valuable information on different inputs and outputs during different phases. To make the information more accessible and understandable to the end-user, a communication tool was developed to summarize the main findings.


This tool is called Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). EPD is predominantly a communication and management tool and should be handled  with care in comparative use. Only individual impact indicators calculated and expressed in a standardized form can provide an objective basis for comparison. Also, a product needs to be assessed in the context of its application in a building. Having said this, the only way to correlate environmental impacts of products and environmental impacts of buildings is through LCA-based indicators. EPDs provide the input required to assess the environmental performance of buildings Environmental labels and declarations are then quantified environmental life cycle product information, provided by a supplier and based on independent verification - third party, for instance. The data is presented as a set of categories of parameters. This particular type of LCA for construction products has been developed to provide environmental information from LCA studies in a common format, based on common rules, known as Product Category Rules (PCR), which can vary from country to country.

Example URSA Poland