Insulation for a better tomorrow

Efficiency comes first


  • Energy Efficiency is the reduction of energy consumption (therefore, saving money) without diminishing comfort and quality of life, thus protecting the environment and fostering sustainability of energy supply.
  • Energy Savings is the amount of energy that is not used after implementing energy control measures, which can be energy efficient (if comfort is not diminished), or not.


Insulation is the most cost-effective way of improving energy efficiency in buildings. The principle of “Trias Energetica” shows the way to tackle energy usage in general. Trias Energetica is a way of dealing with energy to achieve energy savings, reduction of energy dependence and environmental benefits, whilst maintaining comfort and progress. Applying this principle to the building stock means that a good insulation is a pre-requisite for sustainable buildings.



The 3 steps to reach Trias Energetica are:


  • First, reduce the demand for energy by avoiding energy waste and implementing energy-saving measures. (i.e. insulation)

  • Second, use sustainable sources of energy instead of not renewable fossil fuels.

  • Third, produce and use fossil energy as efficiently as possible