Insulation for a better tomorrow

Potential of insulation




Potential of insulation

Environmental damage

CO2 emissions reduction Kyoto commitment of EU

Full implementation of EPBD can deliver more than total Kyoto commitment --> reduction at least 160 millions tonnes of CO2 emissions

Rising costs

Less energy consumption

Insulation could stop consuming 3.3 millions barrels of oil per day, with savings of 25 billion per year till 2020

Energy dependency

Increasing energy efficiency will secure security of supply

Less consumption = less dependency
40% of final energy is used in buildings

Economic competitiveness

Money saved in energy goes to other areas of the economy

ROI of insulation [1€ invest = 7€ return]
Creation of 280,000 to 450,000 jobs
The ‘payback’ period of mineral wool insulation of a building ranges between 4-8 years (Ecofys study).