Insulation for a better tomorrow

Economic benefits for countries


It is difficult to think of a moment in the history of mankind when energy efficiency and energy savings in buildings, the biggest waste of energy, have been more of an urgent priority. There are many reasons why private individuals, businesses and governments have to act.


Authorities taking firm and decisive actions could be big winners for a number of reasons:

  • Investments not expenditures – it has been proven that money governments dedicate to energy efficiency in buildings boosts economic activity. A study of financial mechanisms (*) gives a German example where deploying €6 billion of federal funds stimulated a total of €54 billion of public and private investments which subsequently benefitted in tax payments, increased employment and social security payments.


  • Energy security – recent events show how unstable and energy dependent our system is. The Tsunami which destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant,  regular problems with gas supply to Europe, the Arab Spring and its consequences reveal Europe’s dependency on energy supply. Energy efficiency is a must!
  • Job opportunities – in Germany alone, 240,000 yearly jobs were created thanks to a KfW energy efficient renovation scheme.
  • Driving economic recovery – in-depth energy-efficient renovation  of European building stock is Europe’s way out of vicious circle and the viable option for truly sustainable development.


    Efrén del Pino

    Marketing  Manager, URSA     Insulation


Source: EURIMA