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Energy efficiency



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Energy efficiency


Energy efficiency in buildings is a key to lowering our energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions  while improving comfort.


Energy use in residential and commercial  buildings is responsible for about 40% of EU total final energy  consumption and 36% of the EU's total CO2 emissions. But the potential for cost effective energy saving by 2020 is significant: 30% less energy use within the sector is feasible. This equals a reduction of 11% of the EU's total final energy use. However, energy use in this sector continues to increase. Firmer action must be taken.


Energy efficiency in buildings thanks to thermal insulation offers huge potential to tackle climate change, improve energy security while reducing costs, and finally, meet our 2020 efficiency

  • Energy efficiency is reducing energy consumption (and saving money) without diminishing comfort and quality of life, protecting the environment and promoting energy supply sustainability.


  • energy savingsEnergy savings is the amount of energy unused after energy control measures which can be energy efficient (if comfort is not diminished), or not have been implemented.