Insulation for a better tomorrow

European Legislation fostering energy efficiency

Because they’re the biggest energy use sector in Europe, buildings have the greatest potential to save energy. No wonder the issue is high on the agenda at all political levels.

Energy efficiency in buildings is a vital part of the European 2020 energy efficiency plan and the 2050 road map for low-carbon economy.

  • Establishes a methodology of calculation of the integrated energy performance of buildings.
  • Sets minimum standards in new and existing buildings and aims for nearly zero energy buildings. From December 2020 all new buildings have to be nearly zero energy.
  • Introduces and, in its recast, reinforces Energy Certificates of Buildings. Public buildings are set as a leading example in this field.
  • Inspection and assessment of heating and cooling installations.


Properly implementing the EPBD could enable Europe to:

  • Save 25 billion Euro per year by 2020
  • Stop emitting at least 160 million tonnes of CO2 per year
  • Promote economic competitiveness
  • Generate jobs (280,000 to 450,000)
  • Reduce energy-dependency.


To date, much has been done but there has to be much stricter control of implementation and execution of legislation at the local level. Also, the amount of dedicated financing available has to be increased.