Company. Introduction

Insulation is one of the factors which will help us tackle climate change and protect the environment. At the same time as providing effective insulation, URSA’s products offer tangible economic benefits and satisfy essential social needs.

We are committed to making URSA as sustainable as possible. So, our approach towards all the three pillars of sustainability is clear.

  1. 1. Environment We use a considerable amount of recycled content in GMW and XPS, significantly limiting use of virgin raw materials.
  2. 2. Society At URSA we are a team of enthusiastic individuals united around the common objective of making this planet a better place and driving the company to prosper in future. We are committed to the well-being of the communities in which we operate and always act responsibly.
  3. 3. Economy URSA represents a sustainable business model.
    We create value for shareholders and our operations in local communities offer jobs, directly and indirectly.