Energy and climate – action needed

Can we change the direction? We should, as there is no other option!

It is clear that things need to change. We must improve the way we act now and rectify what has been done wrongly in the past. The following facts reveal the current state of affairs is not sustainable:

  1. Fact #1 High levels of CO2 emissions from extensive fossil fuel energy use cause the green house effect.
  2. Fact #2 Energy consumption in buildings equals to 40% of all energy use in Europe. Buildings are the single biggest energy waster.
  3. Fact #3 In order to reverse the trend we must reduce energy consumption in building stock by 80% by 2050.

This is only possible if we act in two ways:

  • New buildings: Construct on a level of nearly zero energy building, making sure it consumes as little energy as possible.
  • Existing building stock: Every year new completions account for only around 1% of existing building stock. This means that an immense chunk of what will be there in 2050 will have been built according to outdated (non-ambitious) building codes. Due to its savings potential, existing building stock must be deeply renovated to a nearly zero energy standard.

Energy efficiency comes first

It’s true that there are plenty of ways we could act to secure our future. But it’s vital to set an order of priority for our actions.

The Trias Energetica concept is a way of dealing with energy to achieve savings, reduction of dependence and environmental benefits, while maintaining comfort and progress.

Applying this principle to building stock demonstrates that good insulation is essential for sustainable buildings.