Products. Introduction


URSA is entirely dedicated to the production and commercialisation of glass mineral wool (GMW) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) as thermal and acoustic insulation materials for buildings.

GMW – Glass Mineral Wool

The main raw material of GMW is silica sand, one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. To produce GMW we also use a large percentage of recycled glass.

Average energy losses in a house: gaps around doors 15%, roof 25%, walls 35%, floor 15%, windows 10%. Zoom

GMW combines a unique set of thermal, acoustic and fire retardant benefits. It also has a very positive environmental profile.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of GMW shows that the energy needed for its production can be saved up to 600 times. Also, due to the inorganic origins of its main raw materials, GMW is naturally non-combustible and parasite-repellent without the need for additives GMW rolls and panels are compressed up to 8 times, allowing for more efficient transportation, and reducing environmental impact.

XPS – Extruded Polystyrene

The main raw material of XPS is polystyrene. XPS reaches high levels of thermal resistance, making it a great thermal insulator. It also achieves unparalleled levels of compressive strength and water resistance. This makes it an ideal choice for technically challenging building insulation applications like flat roofs or foundations.

What are the main applications?

GMW and XPS are used mainly in residential and commercial buildings to prevent heat transfer and offer acoustic comfort.