Insulation for a better tomorrow

22,000 square metres of URSA AIR ducts in the new SAMBIL Shopping Centre in Madrid

Madrid, 20th September 2017

In September 2010, the M40 Shopping Centre, located in the La Fortuna neighbourhood in Leganés (Madrid), closed its doors, suffering from strong debt and suspension of payments. Seven years later, on the 24th March 2017, the Venezuelan company SAMBIL was successful in opening the centre’s doors to the public once more, making it the largest outlet in Spain.


Grupo SAMBIL has invested 59 million euro in the renovation of the old shopping centre. The venture is already paying off, as almost 100% of the centre’s 43,500 square metres of retail space are in full operation. 


In addition, the renovation included energy efficiency and sustainability measures; over 22,000 square metres of URSA ALU-ALU were installed by the company CLIATEC, a specialist in air conditioning and ventilation for technical spaces.


URSA AIR ALU-ALU panels are specifically designed for ventilation ducts, covered both on the inside and outside by sheets of aluminium reinforced Kraft. Their numerous advantages were not ignored by the team leading the building renovation: the panels enjoy high thermal resistance, provide acoustic insulation, guarantee improved indoor air quality and outstanding performance in the case of fire.  The benefits of ducts built with URSA AIR mineral wool panels, as opposed to other alternatives such as metallic ducts, are many. Mineral wool panels provide the necessary thermal insulation required by the RITE, Spain’s technical requirements for HVAC facilities, without the need for extra insulation. Furthermore, their acoustic insulating properties help reduce the noise produced by HVAC systems, which normally spreads through the ventilation ducts.


Over half of the space at the new SAMBIL Outlet is allotted to fashion retail, one third to restaurants and entertainment spaces, 9% to food shops and supermarkets and the rest to other services.