Insulation for a better tomorrow

URSA insulates the “Brühl Courtyards”, a shopping centre that unites tradition and modernity in the German city of Leipzig

Madrid, 11th July 2017

The project is DGNB GOLD certified and has 2,150m2 of URSA FDP 2/Vs mineral wool panels insulating its peculiar façade


One of the project highlights is its unique façade, reminiscent of the legendary “Tin Box” (“Blechbüchse”), once the largest shopping arcade in the GDR


For centuries, “the Brühl” – one of Leipzig's oldest commercial streets – was considered the “heart of the world’s fur industry”. As part of the Via Regia, this street was the gateway to this German city, historically known as an important trading metropolis.


In Autumn 2012, Brühl Street was back in the limelight, gathering the media's attention thanks to the opening of the “Brühl Courtyards” (“Höffe am Brühl”) shopping centre. A few years earlier, the renowned architectural practice “Grüntuch Ernst” had won the European public competition organised by the City of Leipzig and the plot owners.


Armand Grüntuch and Almut Ernst's design convinced the jury with its proposal to turn a huge 45,000 m2 plot into a friendly space, with small glass and steel cubes that blend into the city landscape.


The highlight of this ambitious project is its peculiar façade, a reminder of the legendary “Tin Box” (“Blechbüchse”) - once the largest shopping arcade in the GDR - and the conservation of three other façades from three different commercial eras.


But, in addition to seeking the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, the project team placed special focus on sustainability and energy efficiency.


The new shopping centre has achieved DGNB Gold Certification. This German assessment tool rewards the use of environmentally friendly construction materials and techniques that help reduce buildings’ energy consumption.


To do so, the team chose thermal insulating materials in the façades. In total, 2,150 m2 of URSA FDP 2/Vs mineral wool were installed.


These 120 mm thick insulating panels have a proven thermal conductivity coefficient of λ = 0,035 W/(mK).

Completely water-repellent, URSA FDP panels are made out of mineral wool with a black glass-fibre finish, conceived especially for this type of use.


According to DIN 4108-10, this material can be used both in ventilated façades – WAB – and as insulation for double façades with or without an ventilated chamber – WZ. Furthermore, URSA FDP are flame resistant – Euroklasse A1 according DIN EN 13501-1 – and adapt to a large range of heights.


Once in place, this insulation allowed for 90% of the original aluminium panels to be reinstalled, avoiding thermal bridges, recovering the once famous look of the “Brühl Court”.


In addition, 31 new four-storey homes have been built above the shopping centre, enjoying an central courtyard and a large terrace, with stunning views over the city.




URSA is a company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialisation of thermal and acoustic insulating materials oriented towards sustainability and energy efficiency in building. The company enjoys wide commercial presence both in Spain and in Europe thanks to its 13 production plants, strategically placed over the European continent.


Today, URSA is one of the largest mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS) manufacturers in Europe, two complementary insulating materials which contribute to insulate buildings thermally and acoustically. URSA products help reduce buildings’ energy demand, mainly in heating and cooling, allowing users to reduce their energy consumption and, regarding sustainability, these products do not only contribute to final user comfort, but also lend a hand to the environment, reducing CO2 emissions, and to countries’ economies, diminishing fossil fuel dependency.