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Buildings are our best references with regards to our products. URSA glass mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS) have been installed in many residential and non-residential buildings, both in new constructions and refurbishment projects. Some of these buildings are outstanding projects and those references should be available to demonstrate our capabilities to contribute to high performing constructions.

  • Family House Poland

    The investment is located opposite of one of the most beatiful and largest forests in the vicinity of Michałowice, in Zalesie.

  • Hotel Tenis, Zvolen, Slovakia

    Hotel Tenis

    The Congress and Wellness hotel Tenis is a modern complex with a plenty of possibilities to do sports and wellness. But not just the performance in sports, also the acoustical performance of this hotel is fantastic - with URSA DF 40 and URSA TWP 1.

  • Hotel Barcelona

    When you are looking at the photo, It may seems that you are walking in Barcelona but in fact you are standing in front of the Hotel Barcelona in Ulaynovsk.

  • Residence Eliška, Prague, Czech Republic

    Residence Eliška

    The impressive multi-family house in czech's capital prague has a high comfort in acoustics due to internal wall solutions from URSA.

  • Technical University of Liberec, Liberec, Czech Republic

    Technical University of Liberec

    The Technical University of Liberec gives education to more than 9000 students - in their new building complex, URSA delivered the product TWP 1 for Internal Wall Insulation.

  • Hotel Sliezsky Dom, Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia

    Hotel Sliezsky Dom

    The Hotel Sliezsky Dom is the highest located hotel in Slovakia and needs therefore a good insulation in thermal issues. URSA delivered the solution for the external and internal walls.