Insulation for a better tomorrow

URSA glass mineral wool

Over the years, we have refined our product portfolio down to two high performing insulation materials– glass mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS) - which offer superior value in building applications.


Glass mineral wool, the core of our range, offers a set of benefits in one product unmatched by other insulation materials:

  1. The best ratio of – price/thermal resistance. Glass mineral wool achieves the lowest lambda values among wool insulation – as low as 0,030 W/(m·K), while maintaining a competitive price.
  2. Ideal for acoustic insulation. Due to its elastic nature, glass mineral wool offers excellent acoustic insulation properties.
  3. Superior fire performance in building applications.Glass mineral wool products achieve the highest in class reaction to fire – A1 and A2. Also, in partition walls, such products can reach fire resistance of as high as REI 120 min.
  4. Excellent handling experience.Glass mineral wool is highly compressible, easy to transport, measure, cut and install.
  5. Lowest environmental impact.Due to its natural origins (it’s made of sand) and high compressibility, a glass mineral wool product may save 200 to 600 times the energy needed to produce it. A high amount of recycled glass is used in its production and the product itself may be recycled after use.