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URSA's building solutions

URSA's glass mineral wool

Learn about the multiple benefits of choosing URSA’s glass mineral wool for building applications.

URSA's extruded polystyrene (XPS)

Read about unmatched properties of URSA XPS, that make it a preferred choice for building applications.

Thermal insulation and energy savings

URSA’s insulation materials offer thermal comfort, energy and money savings. Read more.

Acoustic comfort

One of a number of benefits of URSA’s glass mineral wool is superior acoustic performance. Read more.

Superior fire performance

Both glass mineral wool and XPS comply with strictest fire performance requirements and contribute to safety in buildings.

Indoor air comfort

URSA’s product range contribute to a higher quality of indoor air.

Excellent handling experience

URSA’s products are easy to transport and do not require lengthy measurements, producing less waste.

Our product range

Our range of mineral wool and extruded polystyrene products (XPS) is designed to more than handle most building insulation needs.