Insulation for a better tomorrow

Superior fire performance

Fire security plays an important role in relation to the interior parts of buildings, for health and safety reasons. Using URSA’s glass mineral wool offers very high standards of security in case of fire.


When it comes to fire, there are two key concepts which are completely different: reaction to fire and fire resistance.


  • Reaction to fire is a property of the materials. It is describes how materials are affected when they are subject to fire. Building materials are tested for how they influence ignition, the spread of fire and production of smoke and categorized into one of seven classes according to the European classification system of reaction to fire. URSA’s glass mineral wool products achieve A1 and A2 - best in class levels of reaction to fire.


  •  Fire resistance is a property of a building component and shows how long it can resist fire. This is the REI factor and is measured in minutes: 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240.


  • Building components using URSA’s glass mineral wool have been proven to achieve REI classifications as high as REI 120.