Insulation for a better tomorrow

Thermal insulation and energy savings

URSA’s insulation products offer a unique set of benefits to the end-user:


  1. Thermal insulation is the most cost effective way to save energy. 1 euro invested in insulation can save 7 Euros in return during the lifetime of the product.

  2. URSA’s glass mineral wool achieves the lowest thermal conductivity values among wool insulation materials, as low as 0,030 W/(m·K). This is coupled with its superior acoustic and fire performance, low environmental   impact and handling experience.

  3. URSA’s XPS reaches very low levels of thermal conductivity, offering high thermal resistance and energy savings in its target applications of foundations (perimeter) and flat roofs. Due to its mechanical properties XPS offers an unmatched value in these applications.

  4. Also, while wasting less energy you emit less CO2, and harm the environment less. Over its lifetime, insulating one house will save as much CO2 as planting a park of 212 trees!