Insulation for a better tomorrow

URSA extruded polystyrene (XPS)

XPS is an extraordinary product. When it comes to physical characteristics, there’s no insulation material comparable to XPS.


URSA XPS is an ideal product for technically challenging applications like perimeter (foundations) and inverted flat roofs, because it exclusively combines:


  1. High thermal insulation. URSA XPS offers top performance with regard to thermal insulation, maintaining this characteristic under extreme conditions of compression, humidity and temperature.


  3. Exceptional compressive strength. URSA XPS’s compressive strength enables it to easily absorb several tons/m2 downward pressure.


  5. Excellent resistance to water and freeze thaw cycles. The closed cell structure of the XPS foam makes water absorption impossible and provides a high resistance to vapor transmission.


And don’t forget the additional benefit of easy installation.