Dialog with our stakeholders and our essential sustainability topics

Our mission is to enable energy-efficient and long-lasting housing – and to provide as sustainably as possible. To achieve this goal and keep improving, we are in constant exchange with our stakeholders.

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Dialog with our stakeholders and our essential sustainability topics

For URSA, as part of the Xella Group, relevant stakeholders are groups, institutions, or individuals with whom we have a direct or indirect relationship through our business activities and who therefore have an interest in our actions. Our customers and business partners, employees, suppliers, owners and banks, the media, neighbors of our sites, and representatives of associations, public authorities, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are our most important stakeholders - with whom we regularly engage in intensive dialog. Through open and constructive exchange, we promote mutual understanding and identify issues that are important from the perspective of our environment and in line with our corporate responsibility. The relevance of the stakeholder issues identified is assessed once a year and directly influences our ESG strategy.


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Focusing on the essentials: Where do we create the greatest added value

In reviewing and expanding our sustainability initiatives and targets, we have taken into account the results of our stakeholder survey and thus the importance attached by internal and external stakeholders to specific sustainability issues.

We have identified various sustainability issues that are of great importance to both our stakeholders and our business. We want to focus on these; this is where we can create the greatest possible added value:


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We have set ourselves specific targets and launched extensive initiatives to support these sustainability issues. We will report further on the individual measures and targets in the coming weeks.

This article was originally published on Xella in December 2020.

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