People & culture

Our talented workforce is a fundamental element of our competitive advantage and long-term success. We aim to provide them with a healthy, safe, and diverse working environment and to offer fair wages and opportunities for growth and development. We want them to be proud to work for URSA.


Health and safety

Our facilities are dynamic working environments with several potential areas of risk. We work every day to not only implement robust safety standards and procedures but also to instill the safety mindset that can achieve our target of zero accidents at our plants.

Our target

40% reduction of lost-time injury frequency rate by 2025.

Based on 2019 baseline

Health and safety target

Social responsability

Learning and development

Learning and development

A talented, efficient, and committed workforce is the basis for our success. To recruit and retain the best people we provide fair, performance-based remuneration, a non-discriminatory working environment, high-quality training and flexible options for balancing work and family life.

Our target

10% increase in annual training hours per employee by 2025.

Based on 2019 baseline.

Learning and development target



Our respect for diversity and equal opportunities is an important component of our Code of Conduct. We are firmly committed to ensuring equal pay for men and women doing comparable work, and regularly review our pay structure. When recruiting, and not least when filling management positions, we pay active attention to diversity, equality and inclusion.

Our target

25% share of female managers at Group level by 2025.

Diversity target


Employee engagement

In URSA we want to recognize employees who demonstrate our values and contribute with their hard work to make our company extraordinary.

The initiative URSA PULSE gives the oportunity to all employees to nominate those colleagues which work and performace are outstanding. The objetive of this internal awards program is to recognize the great human capital in URSA.

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