3500 metres of URSA Air ducts in the spectacular Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel


3500 metres of URSA Air ducts in the spectacular Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel

Project details

  • Product used: URSA AIR
  • Application: Air conditioning ducts
  • Building type: Hotels
  • Architect: Quico Flaquer

The URSA Air range air-conditioning ducts have been chosen as the preferred elements for the HVAC system in an important hotel in Spain. This time we are talking about the Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel, by the architect Quico Flaquer. The complex is formed by two differentiated items: a nine-storey tower with a built-up surface of over 24,200 square metres; and a group of six two-floor high buildings distributed forming a U shape, over 13,500 square metres in size.

This hotel, born from the joint venture of Palladium Hotel Group and the popular brand Hard Rock International, owner of some of the most famous businesses in the catering and leisure industry, is the outcome of the deep transformation, renovation, and refurbishment of two of the island’s oldest venues: the Club Don Toni and the Hotel Don Toni.

The Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel has more than 480 rooms and spacious leisure and restaurant areas. But the highlight of this modern venue lies in the sustainable solutions adopted, making it an exemplary model of energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

Mineral wool and polystyrene insulation, double glazed windows with thermal breaks, curtain walls made out of retro illuminated glass, LED lighting, timers, geothermal energy... Together with all these efficient solutions, the construction team of this hotel chose URSA Air panels to build the air-conditioning ducts. In particular, 2,500 square metres of URSA Air Zero XS panels were used and another 1000 square metres from the URSA Air Al Al range.

Both types of panels have a complex reinforced Kraft-aluminium exterior facing. The main difference between them is that URSA Air Zero incorporates an acoustic fabric interior facing, while URSA Air Al Al panels are also reinforced by a complex Kraft-aluminium fabric in their interior face.

The great deal of advantages provided by the URSA Air range did not go unnoticed by the team responsible for the renovation of this hotel in Ibiza. These panels enjoy high thermal resistance, and excellent acoustic absorption, guarantee outstanding indoor air quality, and present optimum fire resistance.

Furthermore, the use of panels in air-conditioning duct building presents another set of advantages, regarding reduced weight and the volume that needs to be transported to the building site. Flexibility to construct the ducts in situ allows building professionals to solve any problems derived from obstacles not considered in initial planning, or related to cladding or finishing, on-site, without an extra visit to the workshop.

Location: Platja d'en Bossa, s/n, 07817 Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Balearic Islands

These panels enjoy high thermal resistance, excellent acoustic absorption, guarantee outstanding indoor air quality and present optimum fire resistance.