Charitable rehabilitation at the Niño Jesús Hospital in Spain


Charitable rehabilitation at the Niño Jesús Hospital in Spain

Project details

  • Product used: URSA TERRA
  • Application: Internal walls
  • Building type: Other uses
  • Architect: José María Torralba

URSA contributes its insulation solutions to a charitable rehabilitation project at the Niño Jesús Hospital in Spain

Solidarity and social welfare form an essential part of URSA's purpose and our intention to improve the people’s lives in the places we operate. We want to be a benchmark in sustainable construction and the transition of building towards zero emissions. But we are also convinced that we must integrate this commitment beyond business in the framework of our social obligations and corporate responsibility activities.

Here is where the initiative we want to talk to you about today comes in. URSA has donated materials and its experience in sustainable building for the refurbishment of the San Vicente neuro paediatric ward of the Hospital Universitario del Niño Jesús, built-in Madrid in the 19th century.

The first hospital in Madrid to specialise exclusively in paediatric care was founded as a charity for children without resources. Its century-old neo-Mudejar-style facilities have been undergoing major refurbishment in recent years. URSA wanted to participate in this charity project with its thermal and acoustic insulation solutions.

"We were faced with an ancient building that did not meet any energy efficiency criteria in its construction. Therefore, insulation has been essential to provide the facilities with thermal comfort and to remedy the deficiencies of its original construction", explains José María Torralba (Estudio Morph), the project architect and the person in charge of the project's project management.

"Most of the patients are children with neurological disorders and diseases related to the nervous system, so acoustic comfort was also fundamental when designing this project. Thanks to the mineral wool donated by URSA, we have achieved this acoustic comfort, which is essential to guarantee the well-being of the patients," says Torralba.


The company, which understands that the refurbishment of buildings is key to reducing CO2 emissions, has provided URSA TERRA T18R mineral wool panels to contribute to the high standards of comfort and regulations required by the building industry in health-related services. In addition, this material offers high-performance insulation and makes it possible to reduce the building's energy demand.

URSA's participation has been arranged through a collaboration agreement with the Purple Day Foundation, which aims to promote awareness of epilepsy and help to remove the stigma surrounding this condition.

URSA reaffirms its social commitment to this initiative in addition to its usual activities focused on sustainability. All of the group's products incorporate a high percentage of recycled material in their composition and are recyclable at the end of their useful life, thus reducing natural raw materials use.

URSA subscribes to the UN Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development, with the capacity to work on many of its primary objectives focused on contributing to the fight against climate change, production of clean and affordable energy, promotion of stable and quality employment and improvement of the economy with its materials and services.

Location: Av. de Menéndez Pelayo, 65, 28009 Madrid

Thanks to the mineral wool donated by URSA, we have achieved this acoustic comfort, which is essential to guarantee the well-being of the patients